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About us

Resident being and acting in one of the most dynamic economic regions worldwide, TTL Romania actively participates and offers its wide pallet of services to its valuable business partners, succeeding to leave a pregnant fingerprint in the industry as well as raising new standards of quality for the services rendered.

Filtering capabilities and correct assessment of either parts needs, is one of the keys of success that helped building up a solid reputation of TTL Romania on the market as to allow the company to present the most suitable offers to their valuable customers.

We have highly motivated and experience staff to handle all the operations, documentation and accounting matters.  

Our clients are constantly being kept informed about situation of their shipments, in order to have a live picture of the status of their business values.

In order to facilitate trade relations and needing to develop our professional skills, TTL is responsive to market demands and has:

  • Implemented its own Quality Management System certified (Approval Certificate No. BUC6005744) by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • Obtained AEO-F certificate (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) issued by National Customs Administration / no. RO AEOF 00000000026 obtaining this highest statute and complying with subsequent security requirements, TTL Romania benefits of simplified customs procedures and has an increased credibility in front of Customs Authority.


Our Services:

  • Liner agent in Romania of NYK
  • Sea transportation (containerized)
  • Intermodal transports: truck, rail, ocean
  • Customer assistance: destinations schedules, customs clearance
  • Port logistics and assistance
  • Husbandry services

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